• Whole-Body Wearables

    HCPS Lab has been developing a real-time, non-interrupt Long Lasting, wearable, wireless, and synchronized sensor suites for whole-body, behavioral and physiological monitoring, and analysis, including EEG, ECG, EMG, fNIRS, and GRF.

  • Smart Prosthesis

    We aim to develop machine learning-based computational algorithms to support personalized prosthesis optimization to reduce the user’s energy expenditure and volitional control technology for comfortable and effortless user control of the prosthesis.

  • Powered Exoskeleton

    We aim to design a powered, upper arm exoskeleton mechanical and control system to assist glovebox operations that will aid the workers and minimize health/safety concerns during long glovebox operation.

  • AI-Promoted Children Interaction

    We propose a closed-loop intervention framework to promote a supportive and interactive environment around children. Smart wearables will sense interaction and responses between the children and their parents and teachers.

Welcome to HCPS Lab

HCPS Lab at FIU has been actively developing novel technology to enable the robot directly work with human users. We are looking for new members to join our team to explore smart, AI-based technology to support closed collaboration/interaction between human and robotic agents.




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Join HCPS Research Team?

Our research includes human-robot interaction and collaboration, autonomous systems, Robotic/Computer vision, speech processing and recognition, human physiological signal processing and recognition, wearable Technology, sensor science, electronics/instrumentation, internet of things, edge computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Interested? Feel free to contact us.

Our Member’s Success Stories

Available Positions

We are looking for motivated Ph.D. students and postdocs to join the HCPS team.
Experience in human-robot interaction; exposure to robotic AI is a plus
Experience with robot/motor actuation and control; exposure to the powered exoskeleton and/or prosthesis is a plus
Experience in real-time signal processing, computer vision, and deep learning; exposure to human data is a plus

Please send detailed Curriculum Vitae including publication list and references to obai@fiu.edu.

Contact Information

Human Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory
Engineering and Computing Building: EC3860
10555 W. Flagler Street, Miami, 33174
Email: obai@fiu.edu
Tel: (305) 348-3704

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